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Memory Care
Memory Care

Memory Care at the Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center provides a caring and supportive environment for older adults with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia.  Housed in a special, secure unit, Memory Care is specifically designed to meet the needs of ambulatory residents who have reached the "wandering" stage of the disease. 

MCU Atrium


While safety and security of residents is paramount, so is providing a high quality of life and care.  Memory Care features an enclosed atrium with indoor gardens and lots of natural light, a walking track and gaming tables.  There is an inside "outside" porch area for relaxation, and access to a secure exterior courtyard. 


Memory Care is professionally decorated in bright, vibrant colors, with furnishings and other amenities carefully chosen to provide the same level of refined living and luxury found throughout the Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center.  The entire unit has been designed to provide a cheerful, yet calming, atmosphere in a secure, caring environment.


Summer CommonsMemory Care features fifteen private rooms, organized into three distinct neighborhoods.  Each is decorated in its own style, to allow residents to easily identify "home".  Neighborhoods feature their own living and dining areas, with direct access to the spacious atrium and other common areas.  Each neighborhood is staffed by its own team of dedicated caregivers, providing a staff-to-resident ratio far better than standard skilled nursing.


Activities in each neighborhood are more "person-centered", and reflect the individual interests and capabilities of the residents.  Caregivers develop plans of care for daily living, paying particular attention to each resident's needs, likes and dislikes.

Admission to Memory Care at Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center requires a medical confirmation of Alzheimer's or related dementia.  Residents must have the ability to safely walk unassisted, and must have sufficient cognitive ability to benefit from therapeutic programming.  If your loved one meets these criteria, we invite you to contact us to arrange a tour of Memory Care and to learn more about its unique features.


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