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Construction of theFlagpole Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center began in 1991, with the doors opening on July 1, 1992.  Since that time, several major expansions have taken place.  A dining room addition on the west end of the facility was completed in 1994, and two years later, an additional 20 beds were added. Another 30-bed expansion was completed in April of 2001, seven more resident rooms were built in 2004, and  our latest 30-room wing, which include sthe special Memory Care Unit,  opened in early 2011.

Since the very beginning, luxury and quality have been our goals.  But this beauty is much more than skin deep. We have used the best materials and the highest quality workmanship, inside and out.  The grounds are fully landscaped, with beautiful flowerbeds and a gazebo for residents to enjoy the outdoors.  Windows and live plants abound throughout the facility, bringing that sense of the outdoors even to those unable to experience it first hand.

The Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center is a leader in the movement to make long-term care a truly home-like experience, and move away from the clinical, institutional feel that has characterized elderly care for so many years.  A leader in the movement to person-centered care, we have even instituted a silent pager system for our nurses and aides, to help minimize the number of beeps, buzzes and bells that disturb residents and visitors alike. 

Our commitment to Pettis County goes beyond our residents.  We utilize the services of local architects, contractors, artisans, designers, decorators and others.  Truly, the Sylvia G. Thompson Residence Center  represents the best that Pettis County has to offer its seniors. 

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